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A comprehensible and clear vision

At Wolting & Versteegh we form a tight and vigorous team. Collegial cooperation between all departments is simply a healthy habit we’ve developed. Whether it’s about comprehensive or limited accounting matters, about regional or EU-regional issues, Wolting & Versteegh has excellent specialists available in these fields. By now, many entrepreneurs from small and mid-sized businesses greatly appreciate the outstanding supporting services from Wolting & Versteegh Accountants Belastingadviseurs. And we’d like to keep our edge.

Tight, vigorous, collegial, and specialised. That’s Wolting & Versteegh.

About Wolting & Versteegh

Wolting & Versteegh, with offices in Heerlen and Maastricht, is a modern and dynamic accounting firm. It focuses on financial and administrative services for entrepreneurs in small and mid-sized businesses, and for public institutions in the EU-region. The accountants and tax advisors that work there each are specialists in their fields. The firm disposes of a tight team of energetic collaborators that takes care of the financial (payroll) administration of quite a few businesses, right up to the smallest detail. In addition, consultancy in the area of computerisation takes a prominent place. And, finally, seminars and workshops are organised on themes and subjects that are important to entrepreneurs.

“Whoever works for us is passionate, and is a bit of a nut for our profession. And is a real people person. We have no opportunities for deadbeats, here”, as Hans Wolting of Wolting & Versteegh informs job applicants for positions at his firm. There’s always use for dynamic and expert people. “Not only during periods of economic boom, but also when things aren’t flourishing at all. These are the very moments we are busy. When we can’t mind throwing in some extra overtime. Because we keep working until the whole job is done.” In order to do your ‘thing’ at Wolting & Versteegh, you need – besides a fitting education – an abundant sense of humour. “You have to be comfortable with yourself, know how to take some punches. And you are driven to perform, that’s your motivation. You also know how to give your clients just that bit more, the little extras that are necessary to distinguish yourself from the others. These things count at Wolting & Versteegh.”

Whoever works for us is passionate, and is a bit of a nut for our profession. And is a real people person. We have no opportunities for deadbeats, here.

Hans Wolting doesn’t care to hide the fact that his business, after 33 years, is still growing, and that he continues to search for new staff. “At our firm, a no-nonsense attitude decides the way we do business”, he says. “The atmosphere among staff is collegial and informal, without losing track of professional requirements. After all, there’s money to be made, and targets to be met. That’s why we don’t treat each other, or our clients, to chit-chat. We care more for clear and concise advice in a comprehensive language. Even if it means the message comes across a bit more harshly. Our core activities are accountancy, fiscal consulting and assistance, and administrative services. That’s what we’re good at. For fields we do not have the expertise, we recommend our clients to get it elsewhere. Or we’ll obtain it on their behalf.”

Whoever works for Wolting & Versteegh gets continuous training in his field of expertise. That’s essential to stay informed about new developments, and to maintain the required quality level of our services to clients. Our company carries the burden of cost for the training with pleasure. Hans Wolting: “A motivated and capable worker is of the highest importance to our company. And he or she will decide how far to go. You will have a voice in deciding your prospects for the future.

Services to our clients come first, of course.” That ‘loose’ corporate environment at Wolting & Versteegh ensures that there are few barriers to our staff encountering our clients. Maintaining proper relations with people is, therefore, important, Wolting thinks. “Trust is the key-word here. Entrepreneurs appreciate having to deal with a single, and their own, account manager. It’s who knows them personally, as well as their corporate situation, which allows us to make an accurate estimate of the various departments required to tackle a specific issue, both swiftly and effectively. This guarantees an optimal service-level at the lowest possible cost.”

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