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Vacancy Assistant Accountant

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We’re also looking for a driven and enthusiastic assistant accountant (full-time) to join the team in our expanding small and mid-sized businesses practice. Have you completed your vocational training Accountancy, or are you still engaged in it, do you have a minimum of one year’s experience at an accountancy firm and are you looking for a (new) job? You’re the one we were looking for!


Position profile

  • Flexible, no 9-to-5 mentality
  • Stress-resistant, able to handle time pressure and deadlines
  • Minimum training vocational college accountancy
  • Minimum of three years in control operations at an accountancy firm
  • Representative team player


Activities (amongst others)

  • Compilation and control of annual reports
  • Stipulating complex financial administrations
  • Compiling and sending VAT-declarations
  • Coaching administrative staff
  • Interlocutor for clients


If you are interested in this position, send your curriculum and cover letter to info@wolting.nl.


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