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Wolting & Versteegh’s tax advisors enjoy to assist you with fiscal advice. We offer advice on tax matters that your company might have to deal with in comprehensive language. We do it mainly, though not exclusively, for small and mid-sized businesses, and for entrepreneurs. The tax consultants of Wolting & Versteegh are well-prepared and are perfectly capable of giving advice in the fields of income taxes, corporate taxes, taxation of dividends, etc. Also in case you need a tax advisor for a question that regards VAT, or withheld taxes on wages you can refer to Wolting & Versteegh and obtain solid tax advice.

The tax advisors of Wolting & Versteegh are well-prepared, and are capable of providing excellent advice, amongst other things.

Wolting & Versteegh, through its cooperative network with ‘SRA’, has underwritten a covenant on Horizontal Monitoring with the tax authorities since April 2010. This covenant, that is coherent with the guidelines on horizontal monitoring on fiscal services, or ‘Leidraad Horizontaal Toezicht Fiscaal Dienstverleners’, as published last in February 2016, concerns all tax declarations by participating businesses, for wage taxes, income taxes, VAT, and corporate taxes, as well as collection.

Both major and minor businesses in the sector of small and mid-sized businesses can knock on our door for tax advice. Wolting & Versteegh is easily accessible and available for practically all entrepreneurs. Every tax advisor is engaged in monitoring all modifications in legislation and regulations etc., on a daily basis. The starting point is a perfect plan that only makes you pay the absolute minimum necessary. In addition, the tax advisor keeps you from stepping in the fiscal traps. Also for the resolution of (complex) VAT-questions Wolting & Versteegh is the right place to refer to. And if your business is EU-regionally, or internationally, conducted, we are able to refer any possible question to our colleagues from PrimeGlobal, an association of independent accountancy organisations throughout the world.

For the resolution of (complex) VAT-questions Wolting & Versteegh is the right place to refer.

And that’s not all, because Wolting & Versteegh can also give you good advice on wage taxes. After all, you’d like to remunerate your staff well for their effort and activities at your organisation. Wolting & Versteegh’s tax advisor enjoys counselling you on the ways you could do this in the best possible manner, within the boundaries that legislation and regulations permit.

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