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Wolting & Versteegh’s management team
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Tight & vigorous, successfully.

Wolting & Versteegh B.V.’s management team consists of the following members.

Chartered accountant and chairman of the board

In July 1980 I gave birth to my own accountancy organisation. At first as a one-man shop, but soon after staff were hired, and the organisation showed steady growth. My communications are clear and straight-forward, but served with due respect. I’m passionate, even crazy about my job, and I always see the sunny side of things. Besides the position of Director of Wolting & Versteegh, I always find the time and energy to participate in associations of all sorts, and to carry out various administrative functions. In addition, I’m a networker, too, and one that doesn’t hide his enthusiasm for the Parkstad region. One of my famed statements was that “we don’t have any opportunities for deadbeats, here”, which has become a saying that is regularly uttered at our organisation.

Team leader chartered accountant

Since 1999 I’ve been active in accountancy. I’ve gathered experience in the auditing field at BDO, and since 2010 I’ve been under employment at Wolting & Versteegh. My specialisations are in the fields of consultancy regarding business operations, administrative organisation and internal control, organisational structure, (subsidy-) control, and due diligence. Entrepreneurs feel the need for advice (whether on request, or unsolicited). Our added value lies here. And to that purpose we have an enormous know-how available.

Assistant accountant & management assistant

I’ve been employed by Wolting & Versteegh B.V. since 23 July 1999. Started at the bookkeeping department and after filling the position of ‘head administration’ quickly pushed through to the accountancy department. I’d found my spot at Wolting & Versteegh in no time, and I became the interlocutor for many clients. In the meantime I made a detour to secretarial services, and performed as management assistant to the Board for a number of years, becoming the interlocutor, not only for clients, but also for my colleagues. Next to my activities for Wolting & Versteegh, I graduated as a bachelor accountancy at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. At present, I am working towards the Master International Business track Accounting & Control at Maastricht University, hoping to graduate within a couple of years as a chartered accountant.

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