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Wolting & Versteegh’s management team
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Tight & vigorous, successfully.

Wolting & Versteegh B.V.’s management team consists of the following members.

Chartered accountant and chairman of the board

In July 1980 I gave birth to my own accountancy organisation. At first as a one-man shop, but soon after staff were hired, and the organisation showed steady growth. My communications are clear and straight-forward, but served with due respect. I’m passionate, even crazy about my job, and I always see the sunny side of things. Besides the position of Director of Wolting & Versteegh, I always find the time and energy to participate in associations of all sorts, and to carry out various administrative functions. In addition, I’m a networker, too, and one that doesn’t hide his enthusiasm for the Parkstad region. One of my famed statements was that “we don’t have any opportunities for deadbeats, here”, which has become a saying that is regularly uttered at our organisation.

Assistant accountant & management assistant

I have been working with Wolting & Versteegh since 1999. I started in the accounting department and via the position of “Head of administration”, I soon moved up to the accountancy department. It wasn’t long before I felt at home at Wolting & Versteegh and I became the first point of contact for many clients. I worked at the secretary’s office for a brief period in between and held the position of management assistant of the executive board for a number of years, being the point of contact for my colleagues in addition to the clients. Apart from my duties for Wolting & Versteegh, I completed my higher vocational training of bachelor accountancy and I’m also on the verge of completing the follow-up training, the post-bachelor education AA orientation SME. In 2020, I started the practical training AA, which will last two years and if I can manage to pass the final exam, I will be entered into the accounting register as an accountant (AA).

Since 2019, I have been a joint shareholder of Wolting & Versteegh, which is a new step in my career.

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