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Your accountant with lots of know-how and experience
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More than ever before, reliability and the financial situation are attentively watched by stakeholders and society at large. Whether it concerns compiling, assessing, or controlling your annual reports, the accountants of Wolting & Versteegh have all the know-how and experience they need to assist you. Jointly with you, the accountants will make an appraisal of the situation for your business and will consider future developments. They will proactively advise you to realise maximum profitability in your business. Our accountants are professionals, they are solution-directed and are perfectly complementary so as to provide comprehensive advice.


What the accountant might mean to you?

  • Running legally required and voluntary controls
  • Accountant’s control of subsidy accountability
  • Setting up your administration and support for running it
  • Compiling your annual report
  • Assisting with the drawing up of forecasts and budgets
  • Support for applications for funding
  • Improvement of your administrative organisation and internal control


It’s not all about figures, as an entrepreneur you are well aware that your business is about more than just numbers. You have a vision, drive, plans for the future… Our accountants are happy to learn about your ambitions, and about where you’d like to go with your company, and especially why. Only if the accountants know all the ins and outs of your company will they be able to give advice, and to provide the services that will help you to realise your plans.

Wolting & Versteegh’s approach to the area of audit is different from what is usual in the industry. It all starts with our conviction of awareness that our assignments should lead to an opinion that is both acceptable to our client and to the mores of society. We realise that we operate in the margins, and that the various interests are liable to collide. W&V considers it their responsibility, therefore, to create crystal-clear insight in those divergences, and to primarily inform management of our client, but surely, too, to make them accept that an audit isn’t exactly a commodity, and that each company bears its own responsibilities. We think that doing business with integrity, and transparently, means welcoming a critical and demanding approach to audits, and creating the space necessary for the methodology we apply.

In the words of our founder: “You have to earn W&V”, you can recognise a tough, but clear rendition of the philosophy we stand for.

We’ve learned from experience that not every client wants to accept this approach, so if I think you’d identify yourself as one of them, our respective organisations will not match.

It goes without saying that our organisation has a licence within the framework of the legislation on the scrutiny of accountancy organisations, or ‘Wet Toezicht Accountantsorganisaties’ (a.k.a. ‘AFM’-licenses). Also the technical approach and execution are characterised by a high level of computerisation, the tools for which we have either acquired or developed ourselves. But technical means cannot replace the required scrutinous considerations that are based on risk analysis, which are and remain the responsibility we at Wolting &Versteegh are daily aware of, and which we promote towards our clients and the interactions we engage in with society.

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