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Wolting & Versteegh’s 5 Pillars

Wolting & Versteegh stands for understandable and clear positions
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Wolting & Versteegh is studded by 5 pillars that represent us, and guide our actions. These 5 pillars are: a personal interlocutor, the right balance, superb teamwork, no nonsense, and knowledge & experience.


You communicate with our accounting firm through your personal account manager. After all, that’s who’s familiar with your situation, and who’s able, when necessary, to mobilise the required disciplines within our organisation. That’s how we guarantee each client optimal service.


The services Wolting & Versteegh offers you are always carefully and even-handedly cued to your wishes and needs. We find it easy to strike the right balance between our specialists’ creativity and our clients’ interests.


When we add everything up at Wolting & Versteegh, the result is always more than the sum of its parts. That is due to the way the various departments collaborate. It is, therefore, no wonder that many entrepreneurs from small and mid-sized businesses more and more often choose for the integrated supporting services provided by Wolting & Versteegh.


When it comes to keeping our clients or their intermediaries informed, we accept nothing but the very best. We present matters concisely, and with the utmost clarity, without technical gibberish. As a result, our clients appreciate the clarity and straightforwardness of our reports.


All staff-members at Wolting & Versteegh have earned their marks abundantly through relevant training and wide experience. We carefully keep an eye on current developments. It allows us to provide our clients with accurate analyses, and to give advice that is specific to each individual situation.


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